80w Formula Array Led Street Light

80W Formula Array LED Street Light
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Product Features:

Heavy-duty, die casting aluminum alloy ballast housing incorporates casting-integral heatsink for maximum heat transfer.
99.85% anodized, mirror finish aluminum reflector, excellent reflectivity.
Formula array LEDs board produces super high lumen outpout along wiht minimal glare lighting effect and low heat generation.
Unique reflective technology for formula array LEDs designed to optimize applications above 130Lm/W complete efficency and excellent photometric distribution.
IP65 suitable for we location
Heavty duty adjustable direct mount pole arm, powdercoat finish, angle indicators & hardware.
Adjustable for 50-60mm mounting pole.
Passed vibration test.
Compliant with the material restriction requirements of RoHS
Compliant with most of international & local standards.

Area lighting applications for industrial parks, parking lots & etc.
Recommended height for mounting : From 9 to 12m

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