Stainless Steel Hook Brushed Finished - Towel/Robe Clothes Hook

Modern looking Single Towel/Robe Clothes Hook for Bath and Kitchen. Made of sturdy stainless steel which is strong and supportive, brushed finish for rust and tarnishes resistance. Super Heavy Duty, Designed to hold a wide variety of items: coats hats handbags umbrellas towels or robes etc. Ensure safe long-term use.
6 pieces each at $31.66
SKU: a632a77b

APPLICABLE TO: strong and functional hook is good for office, kitchen, outdoor shower, utility room, basement and garage.

High-quality stainless steel Bathroom Accessories will add that unique touch that you have been looking for. Choose from a wide range of European-crafted fine decorative hardware that complements all styles of kitchens, bathrooms and furniture cabinetry.

It provides the perfect solution at entry ways or bathrooms. This utility hooks can hold a towel, key, robe, coats, clothes, hat, cup, etc. Which effortlessly made up from the brushed stainless steel to ensure rust and corrosion resistance.

  • It offers a reflective, sophisticated look
  • Totally Rust-proof and corrosion resistance
  • There are no visible Join lines
  • Easily Installed
  • Fasteners are Included
  • AISI 304 Stainless Steel with a brushed finish
Stainless Steel Hook Brushed Finished - Towel/Robe Clothes Hook - QrCodeImage