Candle Accessories

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5" candle snuffer (set of 2)

5" candle snuffer (set of 2), antique color.

7" candle snuffer

A nice brass metal candle holder, having ring attached to base of handle for the option of hanging.

9/16" White chime candle 20pk

4" x 9/16" White chime candle 20pk.

Antigued Branch Candle Snuffer

This candle snuffer has been sculpted out of cold cast resin to present itself as though it were carved from a slender wooden branch as the perfect complement to your candle magic.

Brass Candle Snuffer

Sculpted of brass, this small candle snuffer is great for those who need to keep their altar tools hidden or might otherwise lack the space for larger devices. Style varies. Our Choice.

Brass Renaissance candle snuffer

Featuring a dimpled bell, this brass renaissance candle snuffer eliminates the mess and damage of blowing out your candles.

Candle Carving Set

This 8 piece set offers a variety of tools intended for carving wood but absolutely perfect for carving candles as well, helping you to create your personalized magic candles.

Candle snugger

Help keep your candles secure and upright with the aid of candle snugger.

Copper candle snuffer

This copper snuffer measurements are, 8 1/4" handle, and a 1 3/4" snuffer.

Long Belled Brass candle snuffer

This brass candle snuffer is great for those who lack the space for many tools on their altar. Its extended bell also makes it easier to use with deeper candle holders. Handle 3", bell 2".

Long Brass Candle Snuffer

This brass candle snuffer has been crafted out of a simple arm of brass, unadorned except for the handle by its base, textured and widened for your grip. 12" handle, 2 1/2" snuffer cone.

Multi-Color Jeweled candle snuffer

Adding a little style and a splash of color, this candle snuffer is bedecked with numerous small simulated jewels.

Pentagram candle snuffer 10

A simple and elegant candle snuffer with a long handle and an interwoven pentagram engraved on either side. Chrome Plated Brass. 10" x 2

Pentagram candle snuffer 7

A long handled candle snuffer with a free moving 1" deep bell. Black enamel with a gold enamel engraved pentagram. 7

Pinching Candle Snuffer

Helping you to extinguish your candles without the messy danger of wax being spilled or splattered, this stainless steel candle snuffer allows you to pinch out the flame of any candle's wick.

Wax Candle Adapter

A sealed pack of 12 wax candle adapters for use in tightening and straightening candles of all sizes in all types of holders.

Wooden Handled Brass Snuffer

Fitting comfortably within your hand, this candle snuffer features a wooden handle ending in a brass bell, allowing you to safely and cleanly snuff the candles upon your altar. Brass/wood handle 13 1/2", hinged brass bell 1 3/8".