Candy & Chocolate Bars

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BARNEY BUTTER: Nut Butter Almond Chocolate Powder, 8 oz

Barney Powdered Chocolate Almond Butter is a healthier, better for you protein boost! Our100% natural + Non-GMO verified powdered almond butterprovides an incremental option for almond butter addicts who love the good fats in almond butter but are in search of an additional protein punch with less fat, calories and carb count.

BARON CHOCOLATIER: Dark Chocolate Sticks 3.5 Oz

70% cocoa! Contains 8 individually wrapped sticks.

BARON CHOCOLATIER: White Chocolate Sticks Toasted Coconut 3.5 Oz

A rich and creamy white chocolate sticks! Contains 8 individually wrapped sticks.

BEAR NAKED: Cacao Cashew Butter Granola, 11 oz

Cacao + Cashew Butter soft-baked granola is simply crafted with a blend of creamy cashew butter, rich chocolate chunks, gluten free oats and pepita seeds. Did we mention it’s delicious? Allergen Notes: Contains soy, milk and cashew ingredients. may contain other tree nuts.
$9.46 $7.07

BEARDED BROTHERS: Energy Bar Mega Maca Chocolate, 2 oz

There's nothing better than a sweet treat that treats you sweet! Made with delicious Mexican cocoa, raw cacao nibs and maca powder, this bar packs a punch of flavor and burst of energy!
$4.44 $2.42

BETTY LOUS: Chocolate Hazelnut Energy Balls, 1.5 oz

Made with crunchy nuts‚ gluten-free oats and unrefined sweeteners‚ Nuts About Energy Balls are packed with the nourishment you need to help keep you going throughout your day. Betty Lou's always uses the best‚ natural‚ cutting-edge ingredients when crafting their products because they believe that natural ingredients not only test better buy also make you feel better. 
$2.79 $1.52

BIENA: Barbeque Chickpea Snacks, 2 oz

Classic barbecue with a kick. Tangy, sweet, spicy, smoky. Addictively good!
$4.20 $2.86

BISSINGERS: 75 Percent Dark Chocolate Bar, 3 oz

For those who crave an intensely-smooth chocolate flavor. Crafted by master Chocolatiers, our proprietary blend of 75% chocolate is bold and velvety with rich complexity and beautiful dimension. Indulge in the radiant sheen and pure snap as the subtleties gradually evolve on the palate.
$7.63 $5.26

BISSINGERS: Banana Caramel Pecan Chocolate Bar, 3 oz

Our banana-infused caramel mixes with toasted crumbles of pecans and is drenched in our 38% milk chocolate. It is finished with a light Pink Peruvian artisan salt to delightfully roll across your taste buds.
$7.24 $5.26

BISSINGERS: Chocolate Bar Coffee Toffee, 3 oz

Like a bold cup of espresso, this bar is full of robust intensity. The rich, roasted coffee and smooth 75% dark chocolate mingle with a sprinkling of crunchy bits of buttery almond toffee. Mellow vanilla and caramel flavors pair in playful contrast with the slightly sweet and salty notes.
$7.24 $5.26

BISSINGERS: Coconut Caramel Chocolate Bar, 3 oz

Inside the creamy 38% milk chocolate you'll discover a silky, coconut-infused caramel, crunchy toasted coconut and, on top, a sprinkling of Red Hawaiian sea salt. This classic pairing has evolved to a new, joyously-smooth, buttery-rich level.
$7.24 $5.26

BISSINGERS: Dulce De Leche Chocolate Bar, 3 oz

A classic Latin American recipe has been transformed into an unforgettable delight. Delectably smooth, buttery-rich caramel is classically crafted in small batches and surrounded by velvety 38% milk chocolate, then finished with a delicate dash of fleur de sel and cinnamon.
$7.24 $5.26

BIXBY AND CO: Dark Chocolate Bar Birdie, 1.5 oz

Bixby Bars Premium Chocolate + Fruit + Nut + Spice Bars Sweet Currant Maine Sea Salt Hazelnut has 3 grams of protein and 4 grams of fiber per bar! It's Handmade with sweet currants, maine sea salt, dark chocolate, roasted hazelnuts. 
$3.87 $2.64

BIXBY AND CO: Heart Delight Dark Chocolate Bar , 1.5 oz

Rich Dark Chocolate. Handmade with sun-dried strawberries, Ceylon cinnamon, and California almonds. 

BIXBY AND CO: Milk Chocolate Bar Mulligan 1.5 oz

Bixby BarsPremium Chocolate + Fruit + Nut + Spice Bar Dark Raisin Vietnamese Cinnamon Walnut has 3 grams of protein and 2 grams of fiber per bar! Kosher, gluten free certified, rain forest alliance certified chocolate.

BOBO'S OAT BARS: All Natural Bar Chocolate Chip, 3 oz

No offense to Chocolate Chip cookies, but our Chocolate Chip bar is kind of a big deal. This tasty treat feels more like dessert than breakfast, but without the guilt. The slow-burning oats leave you feel satiated beyond measure, satisfying your hunger and your sweet tooth. We recommend this bar at all times, 24-hours-a-day.
$4.27 $3.20

BOBO'S OAT BARS: Gluten Free Apple Pie Bites, 1.3 Oz

Bobo’s Bites Apple Pie Flavor tastes like home made apple pie in a perfect snack size bite!

BOBOS OAT BARS: Gluten Free Chocolate Almond Oat Bar, 3 Oz

Bobo’s Gluten Free Chocolate Almond Flavor combines the great tastes rich chocolate and almonds.
$4.27 $3.20