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ALESSI: Tomato Peeled San Marzano, 28 oz

The nutrient rich volcanic earth of Mt. Vesuvius produces the highly praised tomatoes known as San Marzano.á With fleshy pulp and minimal seeds, this varietyá is less acidic and sweeter than other varieties. áOnly those grown in the valley of the Sarno River can be classified D.O.P. San Marzano Tomatoes. á(Denominazione di Origine Protetta which translates to Protected Designation of Origin.)á Alessi San Marzano Peeledá Tomatoes bear the D.O.P. mark, a distinction governed by Italian law which ensures integrity of the product.

BELLINO: Minced Garlic Made From Fresh Garlic, 7.5 oz

Bellino Minced Garlic Made From Fresh Garlic, 7.5 oz
$4.62 $3.15

BIOITALIA: Cannellini Organic Beans, 14 oz

Bioitalia cannellini beans are ideal for preparing side dishes and salads. Cannellini beans also matches good with pasta.

BOSCOLI: Spicy Pickled Garlic, 12 oz

Description Boscoli Family choice pickled garlic cloves marinated in a special blend of New Orleans spices.

CASA FIESTA: Diced Green Chilies Mild, 4 oz

The famous Mexican 6-4 is hand selected and processed daily. This accounts for the firm texture, green color and fresh taste. Chilies are fire roasted for an authentic superior taste.

CENTO: Artichoke Hearts Quartered and Marinated, 12 oz

Cento Quartered & Marinated Artichoke Hearts deliver exceptional flavor because they are packed fresh from the field in a water, oil, vinegar and spice mixture to enhance their natural taste. Premium quality quartered and marinated artichokes, they are an excellent addition to any antipasto, salad, or pizza.

CENTO: Artichoke Hearts Quartered and Marinated, 6 oz

Cento Artichoke Hearts Quartered and Marinated, 6 oz

CENTO: Artichoke Hearts Quartered, 14 oz

Cento Artichoke Hearts Quartered, 14 oz

CENTO: Artichoke Hearts, 14 oz

Cento Artichoke in Brine have a buttery texture and earthy flavor, and are ready to use either whole or cut into pieces. Pair with pasta, as a topping on your favorite pizza, or with traditional Italian focaccia. 8-10 artichoke hearts in each can.

CENTO: Pimientos Sliced Sweet, 4 oz

Farm fresh peeled pimentos with a sweet flavor that have been sliced and packed in water.

CENTO: Roasted Peppers, 12 oz

Cento Roasted Peppers are fire-roasted with some char remaining, giving them a naturally flavorful taste. These California grown roasted red bell peppers are cut and packed in water, making them an excellent addition to your favorite salad or sandwich.
$5.35 $3.64

DELALLO: Mild Giardiniera, 25.5 oz

A mainstay of traditional antipasto, giardiniera is a colorful celebration of garden vegetables, including cauliflower, red peppers, carrots, celery and pepperoncini. Serve cold on your antipasto tray before any Italian meal, or tossed into your salads for extra color and crunch.
$7.48 $5.10

DELALLO: Pepper Piquillo Grilled, 12 oz

Grilling a piquillo pepper adds an extra dimension of smoky flavor to the pepper’s delicate, thin, sweet flesh. More slender and cone-shaped than a bell pepper, the piquillo’s shape is the origin of its name, which means “little beak.” That cone is a great place to put stuffings, including chopped hard-boiled egg, small pasta or seasoned rice.
$5.32 $3.63

DELALLO: Roasted Red Peppers in Water, 12 oz

A versatile pantry essential, DeLallo Roasted Red Peppers are handpicked red peppers that are slow-roasted to impart a mild, smoky-sweet flavor. These naturally vibrant peppers are packed whole with stems and seeds removed making them ready to serve as a classic antipasto or to use in a number of everyday kitchen creations.- Hand-harvested and packed fresh.- Pleasantly smoky-sweet flavor with no bitter aftertaste.- Tender desirable texture with seeds and stems removed.- Whole peppers, no slices or pieces.
$5.65 $3.86

DIVINA: Pepperoncini All Natural, 7.75 Oz

Everyone's favorite sandwich pepper, Divina Greek Pepperoncini, are all-natural, made without any preservatives or artificial color. Their sweet peppery flavor and mild heat makes them perfect for salads, salsas and so much more! No sulfites.
$6.71 $4.58

DOROT: Frozen Crushed Garlic Cubes, 2.8 Oz

Dorot's garlic is picked and crushed while still fresh, so that you may find it, fresh and tasty, in the leading marketing chains' freezers. Like all Dorot products, the garlic tray gives you simply the best of all worlds: excellent flavor together with top availability, convenience and efficiency. Just pop it out and enjoy the taste…

DYNASTY: Whole Shiitake Mushrooms, 1 oz

Dynasty Whole Shiitake Mushrooms, 1 Oz
$3.28 $2.24

FELIX: Wild Natural Lingonberries, 14.5 Oz

Lingonberry jam is traditionally served with moose and other game meats, meatballs, herring, pancakes, yoghurt and breakfast porridges like oatmeal. It is also delicious with salty cheeses such as Roquefort and Chèvre. The Lingon plant is a small bush, 4 – 15 inches high, that grows in the vast pine forests which thrive almost everywhere in Sweden. Lingon is one of the so-called “superberries” and is naturally rich in antioxidants.

FRANK'S: Hot Dog Kraut, 8 oz

Frank's Hot Dog Kraut, 8 Oz

GOYA: Jalapeno Peppers Whole, 26 oz

GOYA® Whole Jalapeño Peppers add a burst of heat and flavor, wherever you use them. Add our jarred, pickled jalapeños to salsas, salads, burgers, and dips.

GOYA: Minced Garlic, 4.5 Oz

Every cook's delight - all the full flavor of fresh minced garlic in a jar that's ready when you are!
$4.47 $3.04

GOYA: Premium Chick Peas, 29 oz

Big, nutty and beautiful - a favorite for soups, salads, stews, rice and beans and hummus.

HATCH: Chopped Green Chiles Mild, 27 Oz

Great for a large pot of green chile stew. Processed at 180 degrees to keep it flavorful and crisp, and of course it comes from the world famous Hatch Valley.
$9.72 $6.63

HATCH: Diced Hot Green Chilies, 4 oz

Hatch hot diced green chiles are great for adding some heat to any meal. The smoky flavor and heat is perfect for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Hatch chiles are grown in the Hatch Valley of New Mexico,”the chile capital of the world” proclaimed at the annual Hatch Festival.
$2.93 $2.00

HATCH: Peeled Chopped Green Chiles Mild, 4 oz

Hatch Peeled Chopped Green Chiles Mild, 4 Oz
$2.88 $1.96