Curtain Rings Set Of 12

Curtain rings made from 100% Brass to ensure that they never rust. Set of 12 rings. Elegant and unique curtain accessories, this Curtain Rings Set adds a modern touch to any window. It’s made of sturdy Brass and has a glossy finish to coordinate perfectly with your home décor. This drapery ring set has 12 pieces that you simply place on the rod and clip on the curtain. Wipe clean with a dry cloth.

Heavy duty design, stronger tension curtain ring. Great curtain accessories for daily household use, curtains, shower curtains or lining.
12 pieces each at $2.50

Curtain hooks are available in 3 sizes of 1'' Diameter (25.4mm), 1.25'' Diameter (31.75mm), 1.5''Diameter (38.1mm).

1" Diameter rings fits 1" Diameter Rods, Total Height  3.66" (93 mm), made from 5 mm thick 100% Brass Rods.

1.25" Diameter rings fits 1.25" Diameter Rods, Total Height 4" (102.4 mm), made from 5 mm thick 100% Brass Rods.

1.5" Diameter rings fits 1.5" Diameter Rods, Total Height 4.48" (114 mm) , made from 5 mm thick 100% Brass Rods.

The rings are approx. 3/16" thick made of solid brass and are not hollow.

- 100% Brass
- Corrosion Free 
- Polished for a Great Look 
- Easy To Install 
- Friction Free, Gliding Action 
- Improves Lifetime Of Your Shower Curtain

Hooks are made in 100% brass ensuring longitivity and no rusting.

Drapery Hooks are ergonomically designed so you can place them on the rod without having to remove the rod.   They never fall off the rod

Suitable for all types of curtains mounting systems.

These are perfect to be used in the Bathrooms for Shower Curtains. Also use for sheer curtains, opaque curtain,
sheer curtains, blackout curtains etc.

We can Custom Finish the Brass Rings in Polished Brass, Polished Chrome, Polished Nickel,  Antique Brass, and Un-Lacquered Polished Brass Finishes.

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