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AH! LASKA: Organic Chocolate Syrup, 22 Oz

Description A favorite for people both with and without food sensitivities who want a delicious chocolate treat. Dairy free, gluten-free, sodium-free, and peanut-free, AH!LASKA's Organic Chocolate Syrup, is a favorite for people with and without food sensitivities who want a delicious chocolate treat. And, now it's Non-GMO Project Verified! Use to add flavor to your milk or non-dairy beverage, or as topping for your favorite dessert -- brownies, ice cream and more
$9.22 $6.28

ALESSI: Hand-Rolled Large Cannoli Shells, 4 oz

With the Arab introduction of sugar into Sicily in the 9th century the cooking style of this three sided island changed forever. Ricotta had long been an essential part of Sicilian cuisine as well as pine nuts and currants. Resourceful Sicilians added the neutral sweetness of sugar to these staples foods, wrapped them in a fried but delicate pastry ""tube"" and hence the birth of cannoli. Originally enjoyed by Sicilians only at Carnival time, word spread quickly of their goodness. The wonderful legacy of this Sicilian invention now enjoys worldwide popularity.

ALEXIAN: Mousse Duck Liver with Cognac, 5 oz

Made with duck liver and pork with fine cognac – The award-winning Alexian exclusive is fresh, natural and sinfully delicious. Duck, pork, mushrooms, specially blended spices and a dash of fine cognac go into our Duck Liver Mousse pâté. A recent winner of a Good Food award in San Francisco, this pâté is smooth and spreadable.
$8.67 $5.91

ALEXIAN: Mousse Truffle, 5 oz

Creamy, spreadable and mouth-wateringly rich! Made with pork, turkey and chicken liver, sherry, truffles, wild mushrooms and spices, our truffle mouse pâté is a delightful mixture of rich flavors and creamy, delicate textures. The ultra smooth and rich truffle mousse paté is part of our selection of mousse patés, which are full-flavored and easy to spread.
$9.70 $6.62

ALEXIAN: Pate Black Peppercorn Mousse, 5 oz

Smooth and flavorful, this pâté has a deliciously distinct taste There are many elegant ways to serve the black peppercorn pate as an appetizer, snack or side dish. With deep, distinctive ingredients and an unforgettable flavor, this paté is best enjoyed with simple accompaniments. Pork, eggs, chicken and turkey liver, onions, sherry, mushrooms, garlic, spices, vinegar, and - of course - crushed black peppercorn are among the all-natural ingredients that make up this delicious, spreadable mousse paté.

ALEXIAN: Pate Campagne, 5 oz

A traditional pâté that's perfect for simple holiday appetizers and pairings! Campagne pâté is made with pork and pork liver, along with sherry wine and special herbs and spices. It's a country style pâté that can easily be sliced. It's easy to serve it cubed on toothpicks and enjoy it with simple pairings that highlight its fresh, delicate flavors.

ALEXIAN: Pate Forest Mushroom, 5 oz

Our wild forest mushroom pâté is a true ""classic."" Similar pâtés have been made for centuries in Europe, where mushrooms have always been reliably available ingredients. Our wild forest mushroom pâté celebrates this gourmet heritage with premium pork and pork liver, chopped shitake mushrooms and sherry wine. Chicken Liver, onions, spices, salt and garlic round out the all-natural ingredients.

ALTER ECO: Chocolate Bar Dark Salt Malt Organic, 2.82 oz

Crispy kid-like crunch of a malt ball and coveted Fleur de sel de Guérande
$5.92 $4.04

ALTER ECO: Chocolate Bar Dark Salted Almond Organic, 2.82 oz

A classic transformed into a bold and sophisticated indulgence with roasty-toasty almonds covered in deep Ecuadorian chocolate and a sprinkling of fleur de sel
$5.92 $4.04

ALTER ECO: Chocolate Bar Dark Salted Burnt Caramel, 2.82 oz

DEEP SALTY CRUNCH with lush organic cream and pastured heirloom butter
$5.65 $3.86

ALTER ECO: Chocolate Bar Super Blackout Organic, 2.65 oz

Pitch perfect dark, with bittersweet cocoa
$5.52 $3.76

ALTER ECO: Chocolate Dark Coconut Clusters Cherry Almond, 3.2 oz

Dark toasty-crisp clusters, almond-buttered up and spiked with tangy cherries
$7.37 $5.02

ALTER ECO: Chocolate Dark Coconut Clusters Seed Salt, 3.2 oz

TOASTY CRUNCHY SEEDS Salted pumpkin & sunflower seeds join the dark chocolate toasted-coconut party
$7.37 $5.02

ALTER ECO: Chocolate Dark Coconut Clusters, 3.2 oz

LIGHT CRISPY TOASTY Then perfect yin-yang of deep dark chocolate & crispy toasty coconut
$7.37 $5.02

ALTER ECO: Chocolate Dark Mint, 2.82 oz

BOLD ALTERNATIVE Deep dark chocolate, punctuated by the crunch of organic peppermint crystals
$5.92 $4.04

ALTER ECO: Chocolate Organic Deep Dark Sea Salt, 2.82 oz

the finest balance of 70% cacao
$5.74 $3.92

ALTER ECO: Chocolate Truffle Dark Mint Organic, 4.2 oz

FRESHLY MINT Made with pure coconut oil
$12.72 $8.67

ALTER ECO: Chocolate Truffle Dark Mint Organic, 60 pc

FRESHLY MINT Made with pure coconut oil
$77.22 $52.65

ALTER ECO: Organic Black Truffles Dark Chocolate, 4.2 oz

MELTY SILKY DARK CHOCOLATE Strong, bold Ecuadorian-sourced dark chocolate hiding a delightfully soft, sweet dark milk chocolate center.
$12.08 $8.24

ALTER ECO: Organic Chocolate Dark Almond, 2.82 oz

SLOW-ROASTED toasty nut complements deep, dark chocolate for a dry and delicious treat
$5.52 $3.76

ALTER ECO: Organic Chocolate Dark Blackout, 2.82 oz

BITTERSWEET COCOA deep fruity intensity, not recommended for those afraid of the dark
$5.52 $3.76

ALTER ECO: Organic Chocolate Dark Coconut Toffee, 2.82 oz

BUTTER AND SEA SALT crunchy and toasted, with a chewy bite and a smooth buttery finish
$5.74 $3.92

ALTER ECO: Organic Chocolate Dark Quinoa, 2.82 oz

NUTTY TOASTED QUINOA light crispy crunch, an artisan update on a nostalgic childhood treat
$5.74 $3.92

ALTER ECO: Organic Chocolate Dark Salted Brown Butter, 2.82 oz

SWEET PASTURED BUTTER a bar to melt over, with sweet brown pastured butter and celtic sea salt
$5.52 $3.76

ALTER ECO: Organic Velvet Truffles Dark Milk Chocolate, 4.2 oz

MELTY SILKY DARK MILK CHOCOLATE A rich dark milk chocolate center nestled in a soft, creamy wonderland of Peruvian dark milk chocolate.
$12.36 $8.43