Disc Polished Gold Brass Knobs

Polished Gold disc knob provides a lot of surface space for decoration. It creates a stunning accent for any room with drawers, doors or cabinets. Its one of the easiest way to update your piece furniture is to replace out the old hardware with something new!

This gold and brass knob match the different style of home design, ideal for any new or renovation projects. It will enhance the taste of your kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom, suitable for all kinds of drawers, closets, and cabinets, etc.

Decorative cabinet hardware featuring unique finishes and designs, as well as to fit a variety of cabinets and drawers.

Base - (mm)Base - (inches)Center to Center - (mm)Center to Center - (inches)Length - (mm)Length - (inches)
Disc Polished Gold Brass Knobs

  • Finish: Polished Gold on Brass
  • Fasteners are Included M4x25
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