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RED MILL: Organic Coconut Flour, 25 lb

Organic coconut flour is a delicious, healthy alternative to wheat and other grain flours. Ground from dried, defatted coconut meat, coconut flour is high in fiber and low in digestible carbohydrates. A single 2 Tbsp serving of coconut flour delivers 5 grams of fiber with only 8 grams of carbs. This makes it ideal for those following the paleo diet or who need to be carb conscious for their health. Coconut flour is also gluten free and produced in our gluten free facility where it is batch tested using the R5 ELISA Gluten Assay. The light coconut flavor allows coconut flour to blend seamlessly into sweet or savory baked goods. It makes a wonderful coating for chicken, fish or other proteins in place of regular flour or cornmeal. Because of its high fiber content, baking with coconut flour is a unique experience. Coconut flour requires an equal ratio of liquid to flour for best results. Coconut flour can replace up to 20% of the flour in a recipe, but you will need to add an equal amount of liquid to compensate. We recommend following a recipe designed for coconut flour when getting started. Luckily, we have many recipes to experiment with in our recipe section.
$117.33 $95.76

AMY'S Whole Meals Black Bean Enchilada, 10 oz

Organic corn tortilla filled with organic black beans and vegetables and covered with a traditional Mexican sauce. Spanish rice and pinto beans on the side. Non-dairy/gluten free/no cholesterol. Only 8 grams of fat per 10 oz. serving.
$9.04 $6.16

AMY'S: Pizza Margherita Made with Organic Flour and Tomatoes, 13 oz

Amy's Margherita Pizza is truly unique. The handstretched crust is thinner than our usual crust, the simple sauce made from organic tomatoes, and best of all is the topping, fresh mozzarella cheese sprinkled with parmesan and basil.

ANCIENT HARVEST: Organic Gluten Free Quinoa Flour, 18 oz

Being gluten-free doesn’t mean baked goods are off the table. In fact, our 100% whole grain Quinoa Flour can add instant flavor and bountiful nutrition to everything from pancakes and breads to cakes and muffins—all without any gluten.

ANNA: Napoletana Tipo "00" Extra Fine Flour, 2.2 lb

Anna Napoletana Tipo "00" Extra Fine Flour, 2.2 Lb

ARROWHEAD MILLS: Cornmeal Yellow Organic, 22 oz

Arrowhead Mills Yellow Corn Meal is a flavorful and gluten free staple food. This versatile flour can be used to make polenta, tortillas, muffins, and as coating for frying foods
$4.27 $3.32

ARROWHEAD MILLS: Flour All Purpose Gluten Free, 20 oz

$8.29 $6.18

ARROWHEAD MILLS: Flour Buckwheat Organic, 22 oz

Give your baking a truly distinctive flavor with Arrowhead Mills Buckwheat Flour. An excellent source of fiber, buckwheat berries , not derived from wheat, are ground into flour can be used for an array of international dishes such as soba noodles, blinis, crepes and pancakes.
$7.39 $6.56

ARROWHEAD MILLS: Flour Coconut Organic, 16 oz

Coconut FlourOur Organic Fair Trade Coconut Flour is made with only Fair Trade Certified coconuts and supports quality products that improve lives and protects the environment. Put your baker’s hat on and have fun creating recipes your whole family can enjoy!
$7.90 $6.06

ARROWHEAD MILLS: Flour Long Brown Rice Organic, 24 oz

Arrowhead Mills Brown Rice Flour will add a nutty taste to you favorite home-baked recipes. Made with the whole rice kernel, it contains fiber, vitamins and minerals. It makes an excellent flour for sauces, shortbread and for coating foods.
$6.45 $3.77

ARROWHEAD MILLS: Flour Millet Organic, 23 oz

Arrowhead Mills Millet Flour contains vitamins and minerals. Made from gluten free ingredients, it is perfect for flatbreads, or when combined with up to 50% wheat flour, it makes delicious, nutritious leavened breads!
$7.15 $4.88

ARROWHEAD MILLS: Flour Oat 95% Organic, 25 lb

Arrowhead Mills Flour Oat 95% Organic, 25 Lb
$117.83 $80.34

ARROWHEAD MILLS: Flour Oat Organic, 16 oz

Give your favorite baking recipes a new twist with Arrowhead Mills Oat Flour. Delicious oats are a natural source of heart healthy soluble fiber. As flour, it can be mixed with other flours derived from grains such as buckwheat or rice or corn meal to create breads with interesting flavors and textures.
$4.88 $3.33

ARROWHEAD MILLS: Flour Pastry Organic, 20 oz

Made from soft wheat berries grown each spring in the fertile San Luis Valley of Colorado, Arrowhead Mills Pastry Flour provides a finer texture and lighter consistency with lower gluten over hard winter wheat flour, perfect for flaky and delicate pastries and cakes.
$4.66 $3.18

ARROWHEAD MILLS: Flour Rye Organic, 20 oz

Made from hearty grain, Arrowhead Mills Rye Flour is a bread-baking favorite traditional to Eastern Europe. Our pure organic whole grain rye flour is sodium and cholesterol free, making it a new favorite for a variety of baking recipes it’s no longer just for bread!
$4.47 $3.04

ARROWHEAD MILLS: Flour Sprouted Wheat Organic, 16 oz

You will love the taste and appreciate the difference of new Arrowhead Mills Organic Sprouted Wheat Flour. This sprouted-grain based wheat flour is easily digestible, nutritious and a good source of fiber and whole grains. Create scrumptious tasting cookies, biscotti, cakes, muffins and breads using this delicious tasting wheat flour.
$7.83 $5.34

ARROWHEAD MILLS: Flour Stone Ground Wheat Organic, 22 oz

Arrowhead Mills maintains the tradition with our signature organic Stone Ground Whole Wheat Flour, stone ground in old fashioned mills, just as it had originally been produced more than 40 years ago. Naturally sodium and cholesterol free, low fat, and a good fiber source, our stone ground whole wheat is a true American grain staple.
$4.88 $3.33

ARROWHEAD MILLS: Flour White Rice Organic, 24 oz

Arrowhead Mills White Rice Flour is ideal for recipes for those on gluten-free diets.
$6.36 $3.94

ARROWHEAD MILLS: Flour White Unbleached Organic, 22 oz

A baking favorite, Arrowhead Mills Unbleached White Flour is made from hard red winter wheat, enriched with B vitamins and iron. Aged naturally, our flour is good for yeast bread, cake or pastry. It makes easy to handle dough. Use this basic, dependable flour for just about any of your favorite recipes.
$4.66 $2.74

ARROWHEAD MILLS: Flour Whole Spelt Organic, 22 oz

Arrowhead Mills Spelt Flour is made from organic whole grain, Spelt one of the first grains to be grown by early farmers as long ago as 5,000 BC. With its rich sienna color, this robust nutty flavored gem offers a good source of fiber. Its rediscovery is one of the most exciting events of the modern health and nutrition renaissance!
$7.06 $4.82

ARROWHEAD MILLS: Organic Brown Rice Flour, 25 lb

Description Arrowhead Mills Brown Rice Flour will add a nutty taste to you favorite home-baked recipes. Made with the whole rice kernel, it contains fiber, vitamins and minerals. It makes an excellent flour for sauces, shortbread and for coating foods.
$103.07 $70.28