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A LA MODE: Ice Cream Bars Speed Bump 4 bars x 2.88 oz, 11.52 oz

Deep chocolate with marshmallows, white and dark chocolate chips.
$10.67 $7.28

A LA MODE: Ice Cream Cups Partly Cloudy, 14 oz

Blue cotton candy ice cream with mini marshmallows.
$11.07 $7.54

A LA MODE: Ice Cream Cups Pink Sprinkle, 14 oz

Pink vanilla ice cream with rainbow sprinkles
$11.07 $7.54

A LA MODE: Vanilla Ice Cream Bar, 8.8 oz

A la mode Ice Creams are homemade, small-batch ice cream made in our nut-free, sesame-free and egg-free factory, including no-peanuts, no-tree nuts, and no-coconuts.

ALDENS ORGANIC: Bar Frozen Orange Cream, 4 pk

Our organic Orange Cream bars are the essence of summertime nostalgia…in fact, we’ve started referring to them as “Summer on a Stick!” These yummy treats combine refreshing orange sherbet and classic vanilla ice cream for a snack that’s sure to take you back in time.
$7.30 $4.98

ALDENS ORGANIC: Ice Cream Bar Chocolate Peanut Butter, 4 pk

Chocolate and peanut butter is a classic combination that’s been around for generations. Alden’s Organic Chocolate Peanut Butter Bars put a new spin on this timeless treat by combining organic chocolate ice cream with a swirl of real, organic peanut butter. It’s the treat that brings your favorite flavors to life in a whole new way, and because it’s organic, you can feel great about loving it.
$5.94 $4.05

ALDENS ORGANIC: Ice Cream Bar Vanilla Fudge, 4 pk

The cool, creamy taste of old-fashioned ice cream takes us back to a carefree time in our childhoods where sweets and smiles went hand in hand. Alden’s Organic Vanilla Fudge Bars bring back those memories in a whole new way. We start with a classic vanilla ice cream made with organic milk and cream, and swirl in real organic fudge. Like all of our treats, these bars are free of GMO’s and artificial ingredients, so it’s a delicious tradition that both moms and kids will love.
$7.30 $4.98

ALDENS ORGANIC: Ice Cream Birthday Cake, 48 oz

Let’s party! This fun flavor is made with cake batter ice cream, and then we swirl it with organic purple icing. It just might inspire you to start throwing birthday parties for everyone on the block!
$14.39 $9.81

ALDENS ORGANIC: Ice Cream Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, 48 oz

Our Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough starts with classic vanilla ice cream, then we mix in yummy chunks of chocolate chip cookie dough, and add an extra helping of chocolate chips for good measure. This certified organic treat is a classic you can feel great about serving your loved ones anytime.
$14.01 $9.56

ALDENS ORGANIC: Ice Cream Chocolate Organic, 48 oz

Discover a taste that brings you back to when your love of ice cream first began. A time when ingredients were pure and chocolate was your go-to flavor no matter how many options were available. Alden’s Organic Chocolate ice cream is a throwback to those simpler times, and we make it with ingredients everyone can feel good about, like organic milk and cream, plus three kinds of organic chocolate, including dutch cocoa, unsweetened chocolate and chocolate extract.
$14.39 $9.81

ALDENS ORGANIC: Ice Cream Coffee Chip, 48 oz

You never outgrow the sweet, creamy taste of ice cream. But sometimes our taste buds crave a more grown up flavor. That’s why Alden’s Organic created our Coffee Chip ice cream. We start with organic milk and cream sourced from small family farms, blend in organic and fair trade ground coffee beans and coffee extract, and top it off with organic chocolate chips to put a deliciously adult-friendly spin on one of our favorite treats from childhood.
$14.39 $9.81

ALDENS ORGANIC: Ice Cream French Vanilla, 48 oz

One lick instantly takes you back to a time when your biggest question in life was “one scoop or two?” Alden’s traditional recipe for French Vanilla ice cream starts with organic milk and cream. But the real magic happens when we blend in organic egg yolks and organic vanilla extract to create that extra rich and creamy delicious flavor — one that inspires happiness and nostalgia all in one scoop.

ALDENS ORGANIC: Ice Cream Milk Chocolate Light, 48 oz

ALDENS ORGANIC: Ice Cream Milk Chocolate Light, 48 oz

ALDENS ORGANIC: Ice Cream Peanut Butter Fudge, 48 oz

A little bit sweet, a little bit salty. This classic flavor combo starts with a hint of peanut butter in the base ice cream, and then we swirl in ribbons of real organic peanut butter and thick, chocolate fudge. Good luck eating just one scoop!
$14.01 $9.56

ALDENS ORGANIC: Ice Cream Salted Caramel Bar Organic, 4 pk

A throwback to the frozen treats of our childhood, Alden’s Organic Salted Caramel Bars take us down memory lane with a new twist on the classic sweet and salty combination. We start with pure, organic milk and cream sourced from American family farms and swirl in rich, organic salted caramel for a one-of-a-kind taste that serves up nostalgia and happiness one bite after the next.
$7.30 $4.98

ALDENS ORGANIC: Ice Cream Sandwich Birthday Cake, 4 pk

An organic treat worth celebrating! These sandwiches are made with organic cake batter ice cream, then we swirl it with purple icing, and sandwich it between two vanilla wafers.
$8.05 $5.49

ALDENS ORGANIC: Ice Cream Sandwich Chocolate Chip, 4 pk

Chocolate cravings meet their match in this sandwich inspired by one of our very first flavors: Chocolate Chocolate Chip. It starts with creamy chocolate ice cream, and then we mix in yummy chocolate chunks and sandwich it all between two chocolate cookies.
$8.05 $5.49

ALDENS ORGANIC: Ice Cream Sandwich Chocolate Organic Mint Fudge, 4 pk

Some things have always been meant to go together – like refreshing mint ice cream, rich fudge sauce and chewy chocolate cookies. That’s why Alden’s Organic Mint Fudge Sandwiches are such a nostalgic treat. Wholesome ingredients like organic milk, cream, fudge and peppermint create a delicious combination that takes us back to the days when ingredients were simple, flavors were pure and anytime was a good time for an ice cream sandwich.
$7.33 $5.00

ALDENS ORGANIC: Ice Cream Sandwich Strawberry, 4 pk

As bright and fresh as summertime itself, our Strawberry ice cream sandwich starts with our classic Strawberry ice cream, then we swirl it with strawberry sauce and sandwich it between two vanilla cookies.
$7.83 $5.34

ALDENS ORGANIC: Ice Cream Sandwich Vanilla, 4 pk

The days of running for the ice cream truck may be gone, but with Alden’s Organic Vanilla Bean ice cream sandwiches, you can relive the joys of childhood simply by walking to your freezer. We start with our classic organic vanilla bean ice cream and sandwich it between two organic chocolate cookies for the perfect combination of sweet, creamy, chocolately and chewy. It’s a throwback to the classic ice cream sandwiches loved by kids of all ages.
$7.33 $5.00

ALDENS ORGANIC: Ice Cream Vanilla Chocolate Chip, 48 oz

Remember the days when simple times where cherished and simple flavors ruled the icebox? Alden’s Organic Vanilla Chocolate Chip ice cream gives you a taste of nostalgia with pure, organic ingredients sourced from American family farms. Organic milk, cream and sugar create our legendary ice cream base with organic chocolate chips swirled in. It’s a classic flavor that tastes wholesome, making you feel right at home.

ALDENS ORGANIC: Ice Cream Vanilla Chocolate Swirl Organic, 48 oz

The swirl has always been there to happily solve the “chocolate or vanilla” dilemma. These days, Alden’s Organic Vanilla & Chocolate Swirl serves up the best of both worlds in an organic ice cream with no GMOs, artificial colors or flavors. Made with organic milk and cream, and organic Dutch cocoa, organic unsweetened chocolate and organic chocolate and vanilla extracts, you can enjoy both of your favorite flavors in one delicious scoop.
$14.01 $9.56

APPLEGATE: Natural Cheddar Cheese Medium, 8 oz

Our Natural Cheddar Cheese – Medium has a rich, sharp flavor and a smooth, firm texture. It’s perfect for home made macaroni & cheese or a classic grilled cheese sandwich.
$7.94 $5.42

APPLEGATE: Natural Cheese Provolone, 8 oz

This Natural Provolone Cheese is an extremely versatile cheese that tastes great with just about anything, especially classic Italian foods. From pizza to pasta, finding delicious ways to use our provolone will prove to be quite easy.
$7.94 $5.42

APPLEGATE: Natural Havarti Cheese, 8 oz

Known for its rich, creamy texture and buttery flavor, Havarti is truly a tempting cheese. This is temptation you will regret resisting. Our Natural Havarti Cheese works perfectly in a wide range of hot sandwiches and is absolutely perfect in fondue.
$11.31 $7.71