Gemstone Trees

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Amethyst gemstone tree 160 beads

Beautiful and powerful both symbolically and energetically, the amethyst gemstone tree features dozens of amethyst chips as the leaves of a small wire tree. Base has felt bottom and measures 2"" wide. Tree overall is 5"" in height. Trunk is now usually resin coated. Gem stone fruits are 1/4""-3/8"". All sizes vary per item.

Carnelian Gemstone Tree - New Design**

Said to help with focus and ambition, and in revealing new talents, the Carnelian Gemstone tree is a powerful tool for helping to create a new beginning or nurture one that you want to prosper.

Clear Quartz gemstone tree 160 beads

Whether you are adding it to your altar for its symbolic value or actively using it within your spells and rituals, the clear quartz gemstone tree is a beautiful and powerful presentation all by itself. Base has felt bottom and measures 1 3/4"" wide. Overall height 5"". Gems are approximately 1/4"". Sizes to vary.