Informant Plus™

Informant Plus™

AdVnt's "INFORMANT PLUS™" 15-Minute Black Mold & Fungal Allergen Detection Test is a highly accurate testing technology called immunochromatographic assay, also know as a rapid test or Hand-Held Assay (HHA).

15 minutes toxic home mold tests kits for fastest & more accurate mold detection. Black mold can grow anywhere in the house where it finds the right conditions to grow like moisture or low temperature. Now protects your workplace or home with this home mold tests kit is first to identify the toxic mold exposure that harmful to your health & your home.

Designed to rapidly detect the presence of specific substances in field-collected samples, HHA's have proven to be an indispensable tool for businesses which want instantaneous field testing in protecting their investments in Plant, Property, Equipment and Personnel, saving money, while reducing the time it takes to acquire results.

The "Informant PLUS™" is designed to detect the most common, mycotoxins producing, species of Aspergillus, Penicillium, Stachybotrys and many of the major & minor fungal allergens. The table below lists many of the specific species and the Limits of Detection (LOD) for AdVnt's "INFORMANT PLUS" BLACK MOLD & FUNGAL ALLERGEN DETECTION TEST:

S. echinata1X10^5 spore/mlA. restrictus1X10^4 spore/mlIS
S. chartarum1X10^5 spore/mlA. sydowii1X10^5 spore/ml
S. microspora1X10^7 spore/mlA. versicolor1X10^7 spore/ml
S. chlorohalonata1X10^6 spore/mlA. amstelodami1X10^5 spore/ml
A. fumigatus1X10^5 spore/mlP. brevicompactum1X10^7 spore/ml
A. flavus1X10^5 spore/mlP. chrysogenum1X10^5 spore/ml
A. niger1X10^7 spore/mlC. globosum1X10^4 spore/ml
Wallemia sebi1X10^6 spore/mlA. ochraceus1X10^6 spore/ml
A. candidus1X10^7 spore/mlA. oryzae1X10^7 spore/ml
A. sclerotiorum1X10^5 spore/mlA. ustus1X10^6 spore/ml
P. corylophilum1X10^5 spore/mlP. crustosum1X10^6 spore/ml
P. notatum1X10^7 spore/mlP. citrinum1X10^7spore/ml
P. oxalicum1X10^7 spore/mlP. spinulosum1X10^6 spore/ml
P. variable1X10^5 spore/mlAcremonium strictum1X10^6 spore/ml
Alternaria alternata1X10^6 spore/mlPaecilomyces variotil1X10^6 spore/ml
Scopulariopsis brevicaulis1X10^5 spore/mlScopulario. chartarum1X10^6 spore/ml
Trichoderma viride1X10^7 spore/mlC. cladosporioides v11X10^5 spore/ml
C. cladosporioides v21X10^5 spore/mlMucor amphibiorum1X10^6 spore/ml

Bolded are most common toxigenic species; Non-bolded are common allergenic species.

Each kit comes complete with:

1- Black Mold & Fungal Allergen Detection Test
1- Plastic Buffer Bottle with Swab Tip for easy sample collection
1- Folded Instruction Sheet
1- Resealable Pouch

Features include:

  • Separate detection of Aspergillus/Penicillium from Stachybotrys
  • Accurate results in as little as 3 minutes
  • Detection below 10^5 or 100,000 spores/ml
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Two (2) year shelf life
  • Each test individually packaged in a vapor-lock pouch
  • Independently evaluated by an AIHA laboratory
  • 15 minute test run time

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Informant Plus- Allergenic & Toxigenic Mold Detection 1/kit

AdVnt's "Informant Plus" Toxic Black Mold & Fungal Allergen Detection Test- 1/kit designed to target Toxic & Allergenic mold species