L Shelf Bracket With Rope Twist

This modern design features twisted rope accent which will create a modern touch to your style. Made of solid brass with fine details, this L Shelf Bracket with Rope Twist will surely leave an impression with guests.
Combine Brass Brackets To Make Shelves As Long As You Want!
Decorative shelf brackets add stylish flair to your display shelving; Perfect for displaying photos or collectibles.
3 pieces each at $58.00
Manufacturer: Global Brass Inc
SKU: 7189

Triangle shape is the sturdiest construction in wall brackets currently. This modern brackets Enough to be used as Bookshelf, Kitchen shelf, Exhibition Stand, Garden Shelf, External Wall Brackets etc.



- 6" x 6" with or without lip.

- 8" x 8" with or without lip.

- 10" x 10" with or without lip.

- 12" x 12" with or without lip.

Material used is 3/4" wide x 1/4" thick.

Available in custom sizes and finishes.