LIGHT MOUNTAIN: Natural Hair Color & Conditioner Light Brown, 4 oz

with a translucent layer of color. The natural botanicals protect and nourishhair, and help restore body and shine while gently depositing color. Ourformulas use a finer mesh powder. The prepared hair color will have a creamierconsistency allowing for smoother application, easier rinsing, and better colorrelease.The color samples are digitally rendered approximations. Strand test isdefinitive for your results.WARNING: DO NOT USE THIS PRODUCT IN THE AREA OF THE EYES. IF THIS PRODUCTACCIDENTALLY COMES IN CONTACT WITH YOUR EYES, RINSE PROMPTLY WITH COOL WATER. IFEYE IRRITATION PERSISTS, SEEK MEDICAL ATTENTION. DO NOT USE ON CUT OR ABRADEDSCALP OR SKIN. NEVER USE ON EYELASHES, EYEBROWS, BEARDS, OR MUSTACHES. KEEP AWAYFROM CHILDREN. FOR EXTERNAL USE ONLY.Light Mountain Natural hair color & conditioner COMPLETE APPLICATION KITNo Ammonia - No Peroxide - No PPD - Cruelty Free - No Animal Ingredients - NoAnimal Testing
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