MANITOU: Rice Brown Sprouted Gaba, 17 oz

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Sprouted Brown Rice is produced by partially sprouting (germinating) regular brown rice over an extended period of time. As the rice is germinating, the amount of GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid) increases. This rice has a flavor that is a cross between white and brown rice. The sprouting process produces a grain that has a softer, less chewy texture than brown rice, while adding sweetness to the mild, nutty flavor. GABA is found naturally in the brain and plays a role in the regulation of muscle tone and helping to reduce stress and insomnia with its relaxing effects. Sprouted Brown Rice contains almost five times the amount of gammaaminobutyric acid as regular brown rice. Substitute Sprouted Brown Rice for any rice. Stir into soups or wrap into a burrito with beans and salsa. Makes a savory pilaf cooked with broth and spices. Mix with pesto and serve as a side dish or even roll up in sushi. Saut with diced vegetables and fresh herbs or bake into casseroles.

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