Matte Black Aluminum Coated Curve IN Pull

Decorative matte black aluminum coated edge pull with an angled end. Offering cutting-edge designs from traditional to contemporary styles.feature simplicity and easily blend in with any home decor. Perfect for Kitchen Cabinets, Drawers, Furniture. Fasteners Included M4 x 25. It matches different style of home design, ideal for your new or renovation project
6 pieces each at $4.99
Product requires a minimum order quantity of 5
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Matte Black Aluminum Coated Curve IN Pull


  • Finish: Matte Black Coated Aluminum
  • Shape: Curve
  • Height: 17mm ( 11/16" )
  • Fasteners Included M4 x 25 or Wood Screws 

High-quality Matte Black handles will add that unique touch that you have been looking for. Give your room a modern look and feel for your cabinetry, bathrooms or furniture. Fasteners included.

Matte Black finish provides a complements to the pull's smooth, modern design. Multiple sizes available to fit all of your home decor needs. It gives us decorative and traditional look at your home