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34 DEGREES: Cinnamon Crisps, 5.9 oz

Our crisps are usually located in the deli department of your local supermarket – near the cheese! If you’re making a special trip to the store specifically for 34 Degrees, we do recommend that you call ahead (ask for the deli) to ensure our crisps are in stock.

34 DEGREES: Cracked Pepper Crispbread, 4.5 oz

A zesty and sophisticated 34º Cracked Pepper Crisp. Our 34º Cracked Pepper Crisps have a little bit of a kick to enliven your selection of pairings. They enhance deli favorites such as brie, salami and roasted turkey. These crisps add boldness to just about any snack or appetizer. SEE RECIPES DOWNLOAD NUTRITIONALS
$6.29 $4.70

34 DEGREES: Crisps Sweet Lemon, 5.9 oz

Sweet Lemon Crisps add a delicious zing to cheeses, yogurt, and sorbet. Or try them on their own for a sweet and refreshing snack.

34 DEGREES: Natural Crispbread Crackers, 4.5 oz

Our 34º Natural Crisps allow the nuances of whatever you pair them with to come forward. Thin and delightful on their own, but at their best with mild to sharp cheeses, cured meats, creamy dips, and spicy spreads. Scrumptious!
$6.29 $4.70

34 DEGREES: Rosemary Crispbread, 4.5 oz

With just the right amount of flavor to bring out the best in whatever you pair them with, our 34º Rosemary Crisps won’t overwhelm your palate. Try with anything from creamy cheeses to cured meats, chicken salad or hummus.
$6.29 $4.70

34 DEGREES: Sesame Crisps, 4.5 oz

The slightly nutty, sweet taste of our 34º Sesame Crisps is the perfect complement to any pairing. Try with cheddar and other hard, aged cheeses, or smoked salmon and greek yogurt for a crowd-pleasing, mouth-watering effect.
$6.29 $4.70

34 DEGREES: Toasted Onions Crisps, 4.5 oz

These ingenious little crisps know how to make everything around them shine, from cheese to dips and spreads and more.� Deliciously light, tasteful, and simply great to have around. The perfect companion.We created these light and crispy crackers with cheese pairing in mind.�With subtle flavor and delicate crunch, they�re the perfect foil for any cheese from nutty and sweet to ripe and creamy.�Our crackers set the stage for the world�s favorite cheeses without stealing the show. Simply made, simply delicious.We carefully blend a handful of the highest quality ingredients and bake them until they�re super-crispy and subtly toasty.

34 DEGREES: Whole Grain Crispbread, 4.5 oz

Whole grains are a smart choice and our 34º Whole Grain Crisps are made from 100% delicious whole wheat. Their mild savoriness highlights the flavors of pairings. Perfect with cheddar or gouda, or topped with sliced avocado and spices. Truly tasty!

479 DEGREES: Artisan Popcorn Creamery Butter, 4 Oz

Description Heirloom popcorn tossed in rich, creamery butter and sprinkled with sea salt. It's back and it's better than ever. Butter's got a brand new bag.

479 DEGREES: Artisan Popcorn Sea Salt Caramel, 5 oz

Description Light, crunchy caramel sprinkled with delicate flakes of sea salt. All you need is love . . . and a bag of sweet, salty popcorn.
$5.79 $3.94

479 DEGREES: Artisan Popcorn Sea Salt, 4 oz

Description Fluffy, air popped popcorn lightly sprinkled with sea salt. This mouth-watering snack is skinny approved.
$5.79 $3.94

479 DEGREES: Artisan Popcorn Toasted Sesame + Seaweed, 4 Oz

Description A savory blend of seaweed, toasted sesame, chia seeds and spices. Dip into an ocean of flavor. Mermaid tail optional.

479 DEGREES: Asiago Parmesan + Cheddar Artisan Popcorn, 4 oz

Description Fluffy heirloom popcorn tossed with a blend of three decadent cheeses. These three cheeses are just right. Take that, Goldilocks.
$5.79 $3.94

479 DEGREES: Farmers Market Herbs Artisan Popcorn, 4 Oz

Description A savory blend of fresh garden herbs, spices and sea salt. All of our herbs are legal. Get a bag. Caryy it proudly.
$4.93 $3.36

479 DEGREES: Toasted Coconut Caramel Artisan Popcorn, 5.25 oz

Description Smooth, buttery caramel tossed with flakes of toasted coconut. Open the bag, eat a piece of popcorn, do the hula. Repeat.
$5.79 $3.94

ABSOLUTELY GLUTEN FREE: All Natural Crackers Cracked Pepper, 4.4 oz

Looking for something with a little zip?  Try Absolutely Gluten Free Cracked Pepper Crackers.  With just the right amount cracked pepper, these crackers are delicious with dips topped with cheese or on their own!
$6.97 $4.76