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AGAINST THE GRAIN: Gluten Free Three Cheese Pizza, 24 oz

Based our own puffy, golden 12-inch pizza shells, our Three Cheese Pizza is cheesy and brimming with taste. Made with the cleanest ingredients and the finest tomatoes and cheeses, this pizza is as just as popular with gluten-free customers as wheat-eaters.
$19.16 $13.72

Alessi 28 oz Crushed Italian Tomatoes

Alessi 28 oz Crushed Italian Tomatoes
$4.73 $3.44

AMERICAN TUNA: Tuna Albacore Smoked Olive Oil, 6 oz

American Tuna Inc. Was formed by six American fishermen; these American fishermen are leaders of the American pole and line Fishery with generations of heritage in pole and line Albacore fishing. The quality of our canned product, as you will see is unmatched anywhere in the world. The fish are handled and processed with the highest level of care and caution. All of our products are hand filleted and hand packed in Oregon, and all of our Albacore is sustainably caught in the North Pacific. Our products are hand filleted, hand packed sashimi grade Albacore loins.
$11.00 $8.00

AMY'S: Breakfast Burrito, 6 Oz

Organic potatoes, tofu, black beans, vegetables and salsa wrapped in an organic flour tortilla. Non-dairy/no cholesterol.

AMY'S: Organic Chili Light in Sodium Medium, 14.7 oz

Contains 340mg of sodium compared to 680 mg in Amy's regular Medium Chili.
$6.31 $4.80

AMY'S: Tofu Vegetable Lasagna, 9.5 Oz

For those who prefer not to eat cheese, the same delicious sauce, organic pasta and vegetables as the Vegetable Lasagna, but made with tofu and soy cheese. Lactose free/no cholesterol.
$8.40 $5.73

ANCIENT HARVEST: Gluten Free Quinoa Supergrain Mac and Cheese Mild Cheddar with Llamas, 6 oz

Rich, cheesy flavor and playfully shaped pasta are what earn this gluten-free mac and cheese kid-approved status. But don’t worry. We’re fully supportive of adults enjoying our Supergrain Mac & Cheese™ Mild Cheddar with Llamas too.
$5.17 $3.52

ANCIENT HARVEST: Quinoa Butter and Parmesan Blend, 4.8 oz

It’s official. We’ve perfected the recipe for gluten-free dinnertime delight. Start with organic quinoa, amaranth and millet, add rich butter and tangy Italian cheese and name it Culinary Ancient Grains Butter & Parmesan.
$5.85 $3.99

ANCIENT HARVEST: Quinoa Supergrain Mac & Cheese White Cheddar, 6 oz

Can’t have gluten but also can’t get enough mac and cheese? We get it. That’s why we whipped up our Supergrain Mac & Cheese™ White Cheddar with Shells. It’s a force of natural, gluten-free goodness by the bite.
$5.90 $3.97

ANCIENT HARVEST: Sea Salt and Herb Savory Blend Quinoa, 4.8 oz

Sometimes, keeping things simple creates the most delicious rewards. Take our Culinary Ancient Grains Sea Salt & Herb, for instance. This organic, gluten-free blend of whole grain quinoa, amaranth and millet captures clean eating at its very best.

ANCIENT HARVEST: Spanish Style Quinoa, 4.8 oz

Invite your family to a fiesta of lively Spanish spices mixed with whole grain quinoa, amaranth and millet. Always organic, nutritious and gluten-free, you can’t miss with our Culinary Ancient Grains Spanish Style.

ANCIENT HARVEST: Spicy Curry Quinoa, 4.8 oz

Gale-force flavor is alive and well in our Culinary Ancient Grains Spicy Curry. Made with organic quinoa, amaranth and millet, this gluten-free grain blend uses only the finest ingredients and spices to create a globally inspired taste escape.

ANNIE CHUN'S: Organic Shiitake and Vegetable Potstickers, 7.6 oz

According to Chinese legend, potstickers were created by accident when the chef of a Chinese emperor accidentally left a pot of dumplings over the stove for too long, crisping the bottoms of the dumplings. Lucky for us they were a hit, and now you can enjoy them in the comforts of your home or at the office. They are deliciously crispy on one side and delectably tender on the other. They are great as an appetizer, snack, or as part of a larger meal and are excellent just as they are or with a side of soy-vinegar dipping sauce. Bring home Annie Chun's delicious Organic Shiitake & Vegetable Potstickers today!
$6.51 $4.50

ANNIE CHUN'S: Spicy Vegetable Mini Wontons, 8 oz

For the vegetable lover, Annie Chun's Spicy Vegetable Mini Wontons are an irresistible bite-sized dumpling. Order Annie Chun's delicious Spicy Vegetable Mini Wontons today!
$5.46 $3.93

ANNIES HOMEGROWN: Bunny Cookies Gluten Free Snickerdoodle, 6.75 Oz

Gluten Free SnickerDoodle Bunny Cookies Made with white and brown rice flour and yellow corn flour, these bunny-shaped cookies are a great addition to lunch boxes or after school snacks. SnickerDoodle flavor offers the sweet taste of cinnamon and vanilla.
$8.07 $5.46

ANNIES HOMEGROWN: Bunny Grahams, Honey, 10 oz

These Organic Honey Bunny Grahams are hard to stop eating once you start! Bunny Grahams are the perfect size for toddler hands and grown-up handfuls. And, like all of our products, they are as wholesome as they are delicious!
$7.22 $4.92

ANNIES HOMEGROWN: Cheddar Bunny Big Box Organic, 11.25 oz

Baked with organic cheddar cheese and organic wheat flour, our Organic Cheddar Bunnies are great tasting and wholesome. They are ideal for toddler-sized hands, but their crispy crunch and real cheesy flavor will tempt snackers of all ages to eat them by the handful. Also available in sharing size at certain retail locations.
$8.51 $6.18

ANNIE'S HOMEGROWN: Cheddar Squares, 7.5 oz

Cheddar Squares Annie’s new Cheddar Squares are made with organic wheat and 100% real cheese. Plus, they’re deliciously crispy. Try stacking them with peanut butter or Organic Valley cream cheese! Also available in a 6oz resealable bag at certain retail locations.

ANNIE'S HOMEGROWN: Combination Pizza Poppers 11 Each, 5 oz

Combination Pizza Poppers Annie’s Combination Pizza Poppers are delicious, bite-sized snacks with a big ingredient promise! Made with 100% real cheese, tomato sauce, uncured pepperoni & Italian sausage, all wrapped in a golden crust, and without artificial flavors, synthetic colors or added nitrites*, our poppers are the perfect after-school snack or game day appetizer. *Except those naturally occurring in celery powder.

ANNIES HOMEGROWN: Friends Bunny Big Box Organic, 11.25 oz

ANNIES HOMEGROWN: Friends Bunny Big Box Organic, 11.25 oz

ANNIES HOMEGROWN: Fruit Snack Bernies Farm, 4 oz

With new Bernie’s Farm® Fruit Snacks, connecting kids to real food and farm experiences just got a little bit sweeter. Playful shapes feature life on the farm, including a cow, tractor, barn and more. Bernie’s Farm® Fruit Snacks are made with real fruit and vegetable juices, and without high-fructose corn syrup. They are a naturally gluten free delight that everyone will love, parents and kids alike!

ANNIES HOMEGROWN: Honey Bunny Big Box Organic, 11.25 oz

Meet our newest, snackiest BFF yet: NEW Organic Honey Bunny Crunch Snack Mix! Our new Honey Bunny Snack Mix is the perfect party pleaser, packed with crunchy pretzels, breadsticks, bunny-shaped crackers, and Honey Bunny Grahams (all coated in a dangerously tasty sweet and salty seasoning!) Grab a box for everybunny in the fam.

ANNIES HOMEGROWN: Macaroni & Cheese Classic Mild Cheddar, 24 oz

 Macaroni & Cheese Classic Mild Cheddar, 24 oz

ANNIES HOMEGROWN: Macaroni & Cheese Four Cheese, 5.5 oz

Take four cheese favorites, mix 'em into a thick & creamy sauce, pour over mini organic penne pasta and voila! Meet Four Cheese, Annie's cheesiest and most decadent boxed mac & cheese yet.
$3.94 $2.85