Pro Pak Combo- Pro Strips & Badd Biowarfare Threat Detection Kits 30/bx

The PRO PAK COMBO includes Ten (10) Pro Strips 5-Agent & Twenty (20) BADD single-agent BioWarfare Threat Detection kits in a ballistic style hard case.
Manufacturer: Advnt Biotechnologies

The PRO PAK COMBO is a combination of Advnt's Pro Strips Multi-agent and BADD single-agent BioWarfare Threat Detection screening assay's in one easy to transport kit.

Both the "Pro Strips Multi-Agent and BADD Single-Agent Biowarfare Threat Screening Assay's are DHS "Approved Products for Homeland Security" under the Support Anti-terrorism by Fostering Effective Technologies Act of 2002 (the SAFETY Act)

Pro Strips is the first multi-agent Biowarfare Threat Detection screening Kit that tests for five (5) biological targets [Anthrax, Ricin Toxin, Botulinum Toxin, Plague and SEB (Staphylococcal enterotoxin B)] with a single sample.

BADD BioWarfare Threat Detection screening kits test for a single biological target with a single sample.

The Pro Strip is in essence five BADD test strips in a five window, single sample HHA. The performance capabilities are the same for Pro Strips and BADD and are listed below:


Threat Legal Limit of Detection
Anthrax Bacillus anthracis; 1.5X10^4 - 8.3X10^8/mL (strain dependent)
Ricin Toxin Ricinus communis 10 ng/mL 
Botulinum Toxin Clostridium botulinum 33 ng/mL(BoNT A) 500 ng/mL(BoNT B)
Plague Yersinia pestis 1.0X10^5 CFU/mL
SEB Staphylococcus aureus 10 ng/mL

 (Bacillus anthracis strains: Vollum, Ames, Sterne & New Hampshire)

Each kit contains everything needed to perform the test.

No additional Collection/Dilution kits or readers are required.

This product has a 2 year (24 months) shelf life from date of manufacture and does not require special storage.

Works in temperatures up to 120° Fahrenheit

Each PRO PAK includes the following:
  1 - Ballistic style hard case
10 - Pro Strips Rapid Screening Systems Multi-Threat Detection Devices
20 - BADD single agent kits consisting of:
       4 - Anthrax Threat Detection Kits
       4 - Ricin Toxin Threat Detection Kits
       4 - Botulinum Toxin Threat Detection Kits
       4 - Plague (Y. pestis) Threat Detection Kits
       4 - SEB Threat Detection Kits
1 - Laminated Instruction Card

Each Pro Strips & BADD Kit includes the following:
 1- Test device
 1- Instruction sheet
 1- Buffer/swab/dropper tube
 1- Chain of Custody label

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