REVIVA LABS: Brown Spot Skin Lightening Night Cream, 1.5 oz

Proven effective formula for over 20 years and by thousands of users internationally! They report a dramatic disappearing-act of dark spots or discoloration...and smoother, more even skin color. 2% hydroquinone in a special moisturizing base. For face & hands. Massage small amount into spot area each evening. To balance treatment, avoid heavy sun exposure. Helpful Hint: During daytime, use Reviva's Skin Lightener Day Cream with sunscreen ... or Reviva's Sun Protective Moisturizer. (Makeup can be worn over moisturizer.) Not recommended for children under 12 years of age. Do not use on eye area or over cuts or irritations. We recommend testing for sensitivity before beginning treatment. Test on small underarm area. Unique blending of this cream's "base" allows the super lightening agent - hydroquinone - to produce even quicker action on age spots, or any skin discoloration. With consistent use each evening on face, hands or body, you can start to see a fading of the spots in 4 weeks or sooner.
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