SHIRAKIKU: Chuka Soba Dried Noodles, 8 oz

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(A package is for 4 servings)

Prepare about 5 pints of Ramen-soup seasoned rather light.
After boiling, put the contents of a package in and boil well for 1-2 minutes. When Ramen comes up to the surface, stir it 5-6 times with chopsticks and serve while hot.
In case of cooking of large quantity, boil Ramen in hot water, take it out, put in the soup separately prepared and serve.

By boiling Chuka Soba in hot water for 1-2 minutes, it comes up to the surface, stir it lightly 5-6 times with chopsticks, put it in bamboo basket to drain water and fry it in oil with separately prepared materials such as sliced bamboo shoots, meat, shrimps, mushrooms, etc. If you prefer Yaki Soba rather hard, dash water over Chuka Soba, steam it in steamer for 2-3 minutes, fry in oil and serve.

When boiled, drain water and cool it. Pour a drop of sesame seed oil and served with sauce, soy sauce, vinegar as desired. If you add grated ginger, sliced onions, etc., it is more tasty.

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