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1# of Amethyst spheres

Beautiful Amethyst spheres. Amethyst is a power stone of many attributers, used for protection, meditation, and increasing one's psychic abilities, balancing inner peace, harmony, amongst other. All natural gemstones, have their own unique all natural, colors patterns, beauty and faults. Sizes and quantities do vary.

1# of Emerald Fuchsite spheres

Highly polished spheres. The mineral Beryl is named Emerald, when it is green, can be both transparent or opaque. Is believed to bear strong energies. Fuchsite is also known as muscovite is believed to enhance the power of other minerals. Sold by approximate weight - not stone size or count. 1 pound.

40mm Amethyst, Chevron sphere

Chevron Amethyst is formed where veins of white quartz and amethyst have formed together in the rock. This stone tends to combine the enhancing and purifying qualities of quartz with the stress relieving qualities of amethyst and the strengthening qualities of both stones. It is a wonderful stone for Third Eye work and as two stones combined into one, also a stone of alchemical power. Sizes vary.

40mm Angelite sphere

Natural polished crystal, made of Calcium Sulfate. Angelite is a peaceful, uplifting soothing stone, believed to be helpful in times of transition. It is associated with the Third Eye, and Crown Chakras, having a high vibration that allows for greater spiritual growth, enhanced intuition and clears communication.

40mm Aventurine, Green sphere

Adventurine spheres - These are a blend of green and grey flecks making this gem mineral blend very unique and distinct. 40 mm

40mm Calcite, yellow sphere

A beautiful sphere of yellow calcite. Yellow calcite is know as a mind stone and has many attributes, including the ability quick and efficient learning, increase memory, it is also a powerful cleanser amplifier, and more. All natural gemstones, have their own unique all natural, colors patterns, beauty and faults.

40mm Clear Quartz sphere

40mm Quartz sphere, Made of natural quartz crystal.the natural cracks and frosts inside will be normal.Each and every specimen is unique and you will receive ones similar to the image shown.

40mm Fluorite sphere

Fourite sheres have the widest variety of color range. They can be translucent, purple, green, black, you name it. Random colors and patterns our choice.

40mm Hematite sphere

Used for balance and protection, and sometimes charged for spell work, a hematite sphere can be a wonderful addition to your magical craft.

40mm Jasper, Red sphere

Red jasper is dense with a glossy red brick color. This sphere is 40 mm.

40mm Labradorite sphere

Labradorite spheres are dark with irridescent highlights common in this polished stone. Related to feldspar and moonstone, one may see the moons illumination at times in the sphere. 40 mm.

40mm Mookaite sphere

Mookaite jasper spheres are sometimes called Austrailian jasper. They look like a picture jasper of from our west. Each is distinct and different from the other but all share light cream and dark tan. some range into reds. No two are alike. 40 mm.

40mm Rose Quartz sphere

Rose quartz sphere. Is your world love, lust, romance or something else. Discover what it means to you. 40 mm

40mm Sodalite sphere

This attractive highly polished Sodalite with kyonite spheres, are blue sodalite coloring having grey, yellow, green, and or pink mottled with white veins or patches within it's blue, each sphere is unique and natural within it's own colors and patterns. 40mm.