Toilet Brush & Holder

Toilet brush holder discreetly and decoratively stores toilet brush in bathroom. Made of heavy gauge brushed stainless steel Ensuring quality and longevity. The modern and appealing design of the Complementary accessories ensures that you can co-ordinate these with a wide range of bathroom styles. Our toilet brush is made of corrosion resistant material, so it's ideal for bathroom use. Plus it's very discreet: the holder covers the brush.
SKU: d252a3c2

High-quality stainless steel Bathroom Accessories will add that unique touch that you have been looking for. Choose from a wide range of European-crafted fine decorative hardware that complements all styles of kitchens, bathrooms and furniture cabinetry.

  • Stores your toilet brush discreetly and stylishly
  • Made from AISI 304 stainless steel for everyday use
  • Help keep your bathroom tidy and organized
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