Waterproof Smartphone Rgb Led Controller Bluetooth Wsbt-rgb

This smartphone RGB LED controller is designed to drive constant voltage LED products with common anode connection in voltage range of DC6-24V. It works with ColorEasy App on iOS or Android smartphones via bluetooth connection. User can setup static color
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 1. Power Supply

The controller unit’s supply voltage is from DC 6V to 24V. The red power cable should be connected to power positive and

black to negative. Please make sure the power supply voltage is same as the LED load and the power is capable for the load wattage.

 2. LED Output

 The controller unit supports constant voltage driving LED products with common anode connection. The black cable on the output side is the common node, it connects to the power supply positive inside the controller. The green, red  and blue cable runs the driving signal of relevant LED color, please connect the color cables to the cathode of relevant color LED loads and the black cable to the common node. The controller unit has output overload protection function, please check whether the output is short circuit or over loaded if the controller stop working.

 3. Status Indicator

This is a full color status indicator. It displays all working status of the controller. It indicates different events as following:

Blue fast flash: Starting up.

Blue/yellow fast flash: Waiting for bluetooth pairing.

Blue with yellow short flash: Bluetooth connected.

Steady Blue: Bluetooth disconnected.

White flash 3 times: New remote controller paired.

Short single white flash: new command received.

Red flash: overload protected.

Yellow flash: overheat protected.


 4. Bluetooth Pairing

 LF-BTRGB-15A connects to smartphones via bluetooth. It must be paired to smartphone before the App can work with it.

At each power on, controller will enter pairing mode for 90 seconds, the indicator will quick flash blue and yellow. In this period, user can search bluetooth device on the smartphone bluetooth setting page and will find a device with name ‘LED-XXX’, the X is the serial number of controller. Please select this device and smartphone will connect to the LED controller.

 The unpaired smartphone can only discover the controller in this 90 seconds period. To enter the pairing mode again,

user need to power off the LED controller and power on once more.

 5. Bluetooth Auto Re-connecting

The default setting of bluetooth is with auto-reconnecting feature. The controller will automatically connected to the latest paired smartphone when in range. However, if user do not want the controller automatically connecting to smartphone, user can disable the auto-reconnecting feature on the App’s setup page when controller is connected to smartphone. When the auto re-connecting feature is set to off, user still can manually connect to the controller at any time by tap the controller bluetooth device name on the smartphone’s bluetooth setting page when controller is powered on.

 6. Using RF Remote Controller

 The RM05 hand hold type and RM07 wall switch type RF wireless remote controller is optional accessory for R328

series LED controllers. User can use the RF remote controller to turn on/off controller or switch the favourite setting set
from the App. The RF remote controller need to be paired to the main unit before using. Please pair the remote to main
unit with following steps:

1. Make sure the remote controller function is enabled on the App setting page when LED controller connected to smartphone.

2. Power off the LED controller for more than 5 seconds and power on again.

3. Within 5 seconds of LED controller powered on, press the on/off key and downward key together on the remote


 4. The indicator of LED controller will flash white for 3 times to show the remote controller is recognized. User can pair maximum five remote controllers to one LF-BTRGB-15A LED controller. Multiple wall switch or hand hold remote controllers can be used at same time. User can switch the favourite color or dynamic mode set on smartphone App by pressing upward / downward key on the remote controller. The favourite contents can be customized on the App, this also make the remote controller customized for scrolling different color or dynamic modes. The favourite static color and dynamic modes are linked whenpress upward / downward keys.


Dynamic Mode 42 modes

Static Color 16-mega colors

Connection Method Bluetooth V2.1/4.0 Class 2

Support Smartphone iOS or Android Device

App Program ColorEasy3 Plus

Optional RF Remote Yes

RF Remote Frequency 433.92MHz

Overload Protection Yes

Overheat Protection Yes

Working Voltage DC 6-24V

Bluetooth Control Distance >10m at open area

Rated Output Current 3x5A

P Grade IP-63 IP-68



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